Sutherland Farms Pony Rides n' Petting Zoo - We love our ponies and so will you!
                                        July 3, 2019        

     ... To  all our Faithful Customers and Friends we've met along the way, these past                        wonderful years... it is with bittersweet emotions that we are announcing that                        Sutherland Farms Pony Rides and Petting Zoo will be ceasing operations.
              As the years have crept up on us it is time for us to slow down a bit as we move                      on to new adventures.
              This has truly been one of the hardest decisions for us to make, as it has been                          such a major part of our lives and we have been so blessed to have had the                              opportunity to spread some joy and happiness with our ponies and petting                        zoo animals.
              We've covered a lot of miles and shared in a lot of laughter and smiles!
              The rewards have been indescribable! 

               We watched so many times as children were transformed from being totally                             fearful of even touching the ponies to having to pry them off when we had to                           leave!  So dear to our hearts were our "Special Needs" children who                             changed from fear to absolute joy when they finally were able to ride that pony!!
               These experiences,we will always cherish and hold so close....

                Rather than sell the business, all our animals will be allowed to live out their                          lives with us at the farm.....Many of them were raised from babies and                                   they have worked so hard for us... now it is time for them to just enjoy!     

                Thank you seems so inadequate, but please know that it is with the deepest                            appreciation that you've allowed us to be a part of your lives and your special                          moments and events..
                Being a part has so enriched our lives and those memories will stay with us                              forever....      
                                  Jamye and Larry Sutherland and the Sutherland Farms Crew...  
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